Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas Ornaments

I really like Christmas ornaments and whenever there's a christmas exchange at the groups I belong to I always try to send some. I moved into my appartment about 4 years ago and at first I didn't have any christmas decorations nor plans to buy them since I always spent the holiday season at my mother's house. However when L. moved in with me I decided we had to have a more cozy and warm atmosphere... I have already mentioned the ornament tradition on an earlier post. Here's some pictures of the ones I have been collecting...

These were sent by my friend Susie from the HRC group 2 years ago.

These were sent by Sandy, my Secret Santa last year at HRC.

And this by Jeanette, she was my secret Santa at the ERT group

These 2 were made by my mother :-)

And this door hanger was made by my aunt G. who is a wonderful crafter and always gives me a little something every year. This bear was a gift from last year and after Christmas I'll post about what I got this year!

The photos are not very good but I'm still learning... I'll try to take more pictures tomorrow during the day to see if the light works better.

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  1. They all look really good! I haven't tried making Christmas thing at a time!


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