Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Close to You – Christina Dodd

This is the third book in a trilogy about 3 sisters and since I thought the first 2 were pretty average I was ready to consider this one the same.

However this was my favourite among the 3 books. I quite liked the main characters, especially the heroine, Kate, which I found a modern and level headed young woman. Teague was more stereotyped – the kind that is always pursued by women but runs away from commitment because of a sad childhood– but in the end I thought they made a good couple.

The worse of this book ended up being the mystery. This is a romantic suspense but there’s almost no suspense because we are introduced to the villain pretty early in the story. We just get to watch as Kate and Teague try to discover what is happening and why.

Kate was adopted as a baby and doesn’t remember anything about her real parents. She is suddenly offered a really good job but soon discovers none of her colleagues like her because they believe she didn’t earn the job by her own merit and, at the same time, someone starts stalking her. Teague is assigned her bodyguard and as they start to get to know each other, and eventually unmask the stalker, they discover that there’s a mystery behind Kate’s adoption. At this point the reader already knows what happened and who did it that’s why I say there’s no suspense.

The characters of the previous books have an appearance since the main action behind the 3 books is to the bring all the siblings together again.

The confrontation scene was a bit over the top with ghosts and paranormal elements. I know that’s fashionable these days but to me it was unnecessary.
Other than that an entertaining read, a B.

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