Thursday, March 22, 2007

21st of March - The arrival of Spring

I was so thrilled yesterday with the idea of having finished the needle case (that Mom loved by the way) that I totally forgot the beginning of spring. I think Spring is my favourite season, the days get bigger, the landscapes turn green, flowers bloom. Lovely!

I wanted to find an appropriate picture to illustrate this post but sadly I couldn't find any that I liked among mine. I had to resort to this picture from the WWW that really appealed to me but it has already made me decide I have to take the camera with me more often when I leave the house.

Speaking of pictures I couldn't resist posting the picture of this cute polar bear that is striking a huge debate in Germany. Although I am aware of the dangers of not letting nature follow it's due course I can't help being happy that they saved him whenever I look at this picture.

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  1. Wonder what these people would say if that was an abandoned child and not a small bear? We are animals, too, so why not let nature laws apply to us at the same rate? Cute bear :)


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