Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Moon In The Water - Elizabeth Grayson

Still trying to make Mount TBR smaller I picked up a romance novel by Elizabeth Grayson called Moon in the Water. I guess this is what we would call a road romance although it is set on boat in the Mississipi river.

Chase Hardesty is bribed by James Rossiter to marry is daughter and give a name to the baby she is expecting. In exchange he will give him ownership of his new steamer. As Ann and Chase embark on a journey to the west it is also a journey of discovery for both of them.

I found this a rather sweet story. The reader guesses almost immediately who the father of Ann’s baby is but Chase is kept pretty much in the dark about that almost until the end. The most important thing about this story is how they get to know one another during those days in the river and how Chase shows Ann the true value of family. She was set against marrying anyone and is at first very angry with Chase. The author brings to life the emotions and troubles both of them face as well as their surroundings and a big set of secondary characters – from the other members of the steamer's crew to the Hardesty family.

This was my first book by Grayson and I’m happy to find it a B+.


  1. Which book of hers did you read when she was AOTM?

  2. Uh oh, she was AOTM? I think that month just skipped by me, I can't remember it :-(


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