Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Undomestic Goddess - Sophie Kinsella

This was my first book by Kinsella. I had heard lots about her due to the Shopaholic books but I had never been tempted to buy them so when this one was offered as a bookring I thought it was my chance to try a new author.

I did enjoy it, it's the perfect book to spend a few hours with because it's light and funny. Samatha Sweeting is a very stressed young lawyer at the beginning of our story. She is trying to make partner at the famous law firm Carter Spink and she works nights, weekends... all to reach her goal. But suddenly she discovers she has made a huge mistake, that will cost millions to their client and unable to deal with the pressure she runs away to the country. By a series of coincidences she is mistakenly taken for a candidate to a housekeeping job and so she starts a totally different life from the one she had before.

The book has many hilarious moments especially when Samantha makes huge mistakes in her new life and how she tries to solve them. Her employers are also very peculiar people (and very unbelievable too) but that is perfect for this plot. Samantha learns to cook, iron, clean the house and she even finds love with Nathaniel, the house gardener. But when everything seems to be perfect again she starts to put 2 and 2 together and realises she was set up in the first place and decides to clean her name... This leads to another set of funny scenes with her old law firm trying to get her to work for them again and all the journalists in the country wanting interviews with her. And Samantha will have to choose…
A B!


  1. Can You Keep a Secret? is even better than this one. :-)

  2. I must look for that one then, thanks for the tip :-)


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