Sunday, June 3, 2007

Bones - Season 2

Courtesy of A. (Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!) I am now in possession of the episodes of Bones - Season 2. Since L. had to work yesterday I indulged myself with an afternoon of Booth and ice cream!

I loved it!

I still have a few more to watch but I think I'll save them for another afternoon of indulgence. Does anyone think Booth and Brennan will ever give in to the attraction between them? And Hodgins and Angela? Those 2 are so much fun to watch.

And as mentioned previously I have Deja Dead in the TBR pile so I can read about Temperance Brennan too. It's like they are totally different characters with just a name in common but they are both good in their own way!


  1. The Temperance from the book and the TV series are two different characters. They kinda turned things around. Temperance in the series is Kathy Reichs and the character Temperance (series) is writing about in her fictional books is Kathy. So the book and series universes are completely apart. But both are fun and interesting. Especially the books for me since they are mostly set in my area.

  2. I see you are a fan too Chantal. It must be fun to read about the places you know :-)

  3. I love watching Angela and Hodgins, they are so perfect together! :-)


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