Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Peach Cobbler's Murder - Joanne Fluke

Having found the latest book in this series lacking I started this one with great expectations. I was hoping for a nice cozy mystery like the first ones I've read but I found myself really annoyed from the beginning with Hannah's attention towards Mike.

That guy is definitely not being honest regarding his relationship with Shawna Lee, he sends both women flowers and Valentine's day cards and she is still thinking about him as a love interest? He takes her for granted and is totally insensitive.

And doesn't anyone get angry in this town? Lisa's father invites Sawna Lee to her wedding, then Dick accepts her Peach Cobbler for the reception leaving Hannah's out and everyone just accepts it and smiles? This is just not normal behaviour me thinks. On the other hand Hannah was pretty mad the sisters were stealing her customers but I didn't feel they were to blame, they used lots of marketing tricks yes but I think that's just normal business behaviour nowadays not something illegal.

The mystery part was actually good and counting only that I think this would have been one of my favourite books in the series. There was a lot more to the victim and her sister than what we knew thus making things much more interesting. Despite the murders these books are very much on the light side and easy to read.

Unfortunately my whole perception of it was coloured by my dislike of the Hannah / Norman / Mike thing and the end just made it even more obvious how it was there just as a cliff hanger and a plot device. I thought about which grade to give it and finnally I settled for a C, doesn't mean it's bad or anything just that I didn't enjoyed it because of the above mentioned reasons. If your ok with the Hannah / Norman / Mike thing then I guess this one will be a good book for you.


  1. This has nothing to do with Joanne Fluke, Ana, but I just wanted to let you know that I'm half way through your Madeline Hunter.


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