Sunday, August 26, 2007

New Additions to the TBR pile

Here's the new arrivals:

Jo Beverley - To Rescue The Rogue
Jo Beverley - The Rogue's Return
Julia Quinn - The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever
Mary Jo Putney - The China Bride
Mary Jo Putney -The Bartered Bride

I'm so happy with all of them that I don't know which to start first...
The Putney's were a gift from the author and they signed to me, I just did a happy dance when I got them!


  1. You lucky gal!!:) I enjoyed The China Bride (I'm an asian culture freak) but I never read The Bartered Bride. Let me know if it's any good.
    The Quinn was a huge disappointement but I wasn't expecting something outstanding either. I'll have to try the Beverley, didn't read many...

  2. I'll let you know as soon as I read them :-)
    The Beverley's are the last ones in her Company of Rogues series so you have to start at the beginning ;-)


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