Saturday, September 15, 2007

A friend's wedding...

Today my friend Sara is getting married. I've mentioned her on the blog because we used to do crafty projects and attend craft fairs together. I'm really happy for her and I sincerely hope they will be really happy together!

A. mentioned she wanted to see a picture of me dressed for the wedding so I leave you with one ;-)


  1. LOL Great picture, Ana!! I love your sandals.;-)

  2. Thanks, the joke of the day was the ladies in high heels getting their heels stuck in the grass at the wedding reception. They had a big lawn and I had to walk very carefully and on the tip of my toes not to get stuck!

  3. That happened to me too at the last wedding I attended, I felt like I was readying the soil to plant something. It was a lesson I learned, check first where the wedding is going to be held and then choose the shoes! ;-)


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