Monday, September 10, 2007

The Pleasure of Her Kiss - Linda Needham

Another new to me author dug up from the TBR pile. And after trying this book I think I'll stick to known author for a while.

I've heard of history-lite books and wallpaper history and this one went one step ahead for me. Besides the heroine addressing the servants by "Ladies and Gentlemen" it also had her answering things like "like a champ!". And this is supposed to be a victorian novel!

Regarding plot details the hero comes back home after spending 18 months away, he left on the same day he married the heroine. When he comes back immediately a big misundertanding occurs because he doesn't tell who he is and let's her believe he is someone else. While he was away she turned his hunter's lodge in a sort of Inn where rich men go to participate in hunting and fishing tournaments, she was clearly a very successful business woman.

The was also a mistery connected to the children the heroine was protecting but I stopped reading before I found out what it was. It's not that it was badly written and I'm sure other people will enjoy it. It's just that for me all those modern and anachronistic sentences kept getting in the way and since I wasn't finding the story interesting anyway I decided to stop reading.

My first DNF of 2007!

Oh if you want to know more about the plot go here. I have another one of hers in the TBR pile but it seems that story has one of my pet-peeves, a make believe country, not a chance that I'll be picking that one up...

Grade: DNF


  1. Wow, first DNF of the year?! I had several already...*sigh* Well, I think I'm not going to read any Linda Needham anytime soon.;-)
    I don't mind small mistakes but these are kind of terrible and frankly, so easy to avoid.

  2. Well I usually keep going on reading even when I'm not enjoying it very much, I always like a should give it a fair attempt but this one just got on my nerves!!


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