Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Regency Christmas VI - Anthology

In Emma Lange's CHRISTMAS MAGIC the widow of an older man joins and Christmas house party and encounters the rake who once tempted her to betray her marriage vows. It was a very sweet story about an attraction not forgotten and I enjoyed both characters very much. A B+

In Sandra Heath's DINNER AT GRILLON'S we have a marriage in trouble story. I was looking forward to it because I love the theme but the end was a bit of a let down. A Lord intends to divorce his wife and remarry as he believes she deserted him one year ago. I thought they fell to easily in the lies of another woman and there's no real confrontation in the end with the villainess. A B-

Mary Balogh's THE BEST GIFT is an old favorite! I looove this cinderella story about a young teacher, presumably an illegitimate child and how she brings love into the life a lonely viscount who is planning to give up on his own illegitimate child. An A.

In Emily Hendrickson's CHRISTMAS KNIGHT we another sweet story about 2 sister waiting for thir prince charming to save them from a lonely existence in the country. They dress like the 15th century to please their father and their adventures with a love potion to gain the attention of one of her brother's friends will lead to some funny scnes. A B+

In Sheila Walsh's II CAME UPON A MIDNIGHT CLEAR we have a gothic story with a delicate heroine, a misterious villain and a ruined Abbey. It was not very original but it was a nice story. A B-

Grade: B+

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