Saturday, December 29, 2007

Secret Santa & other gifts

My Santa wasn't all that secret this year. Since I was organising the ERTG exchange with Alex we automatically became each other's Santas. She sent me a box (which I had to try very hard not to open ahead of time) and an envelope with great things inside.

Aren't those Hello Kitty socks just what you need for a cold winter night? And the tea, the chocolate are just great (still waiting for instructions on the chestnut cream... And notice the books from my wish list that she got me :-)

Then A. sent me a package too. I was very curious about it's contents because it had so many things inside but once again I managed not to peak (I was on my best behaviour this Christmas) and when I opened it I found out that among other things she had sent me a few Christmas movies that I was planning on buying...

See how they both got me Christmas ornaments. I just love them!! And plenty of books! And little notebooks that I love and a new bookmark for my collection!

And then Ro came a brought me a gift to warm me in the winter. It's so soft and warm that I couldn't resist taking it with me to work this week.

I feel lucky to have such nice friends...


  1. Is that a scarf? I'd bet it's really warm and cozy. :-)

  2. Oh, at last we can see what was in that box! I kept wondering, lol!

    And Ana O., it's actually more like a shawl (it's roughly triangular), but it can be used as a scarf, too.


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