Thursday, January 17, 2008

Work Related Stuff

I'm off to BTL - Lisbon's Travel Market - so I wont be much online today. It used to be exciting to go and visit all the different countries, the tour operators and airlines and to end the visit in the gastronomy area dinning or simply eating something sweet.

Nowadays it's not that exciting but it's still great to see some friends, in some cases it's the only time I see them, and of course it's part of the business and it's necessary to meet with some of our suppliers.

I've been a bit discouraged lately as I realise we will be "an endangered species" soon. People tend to buy more and more online and we might have to think of a change in careers one of these days.


  1. Why don't you sell on line travel tours ? If you propose some unusual travels, shouldn't you be able to manage ?

  2. With the competition from big european tour operators? Not really...


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