Monday, June 9, 2008

Lion's Lady - Suzanne Barclay

I had some fond memories of Suzanne Barclay's books I had read a few years ago and when I discovered this one at the bottom of the TBR pile I decided to give it a go.


Rowena Gunn was ever ruled by these echoes from the past to protect her son and safeguard his future. But the past was now embracing her in the very present form of
Lion Sutherland, the Highland laird who alone could storm her defences and besiege her cloistered heart!

Though hailed as a braw warrior, Lion Sutherland was nearly undone when his bonnie Rowena wed another. But now the fates had reunited them, and he'd be damned if anything --- even the protests of the lady herself! -- would destroy their newfound chance at love!

I'm happy to say I found it a very enjoyable read. Rowena and Lion were first separated by a near tragedy. The difference in their status led Rowena to believe she had been abandoned by her lover. With a child on the way she accepted a marriage of convenience with a childless man.

When they meet a again a few years later the attracting is still there but Rowena is more worried with protecting her son's life and heritage from his evil uncle and has no time or inclination to dwell on the past and the lover she believes abandoned her.

I really liked that Lion kept pursuing her. Even thinking she had forsaken his love to marry another man he knows he still loves her and now that she is a widow he wants another chance. It's not often we have a hero so clear headed as this one, there's no misunderstandings, he knows what he wants and makes it clear. Rowena, however, is keeping the secret of her child's parentage and while what separated them in the past is not clarified she doesn't feel she can trust him. They do talk with each other and what keeps them apart for longer is the political situation they're in.

A really nice and sweet story with interesting and real characters with a good feel of Scotland's political situation and social organization as Lion and Rowena's son are both heirs to important clans.

Grade B

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