Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dead Ringer - Annie Solomon

Special agent Finn Carver is on the trail of some missing plutonium. His main suspect, Victor Borian, is a philanthropist with secret ties to the underworld. But Carver can't figure out how to infiltrate Borian's lair - until the FBI finds the daughter that his late wife gave up for adoption.

I've been feeling like reading a few mysteries and thrillers. I've have quite a few bookrings and loans to deal with before reading at leisure but I made the time to grab this one as it seemed interesting.

There was the mystery about finding the plutonium, it could be an international intrigue or a one man stunt, and there was the mystery about Angelina's mother, she didn't know much about her and it took the FBI for her to find her.

Finn, the FBI agent who convinces her to work for them by attracting her stepfather's atention (as she looks so much like her dead mother) and Angelina are immediately attracted to one another. This seemed more a case of phisycal attraction than anything else but I decided to give the love story the benefit of the doubt.

Regarding the mystery I was expecting a lot more suspense as Angelina tried to discover what really happened to the plutonium while at the same time she tries to find out more about the mother she never knew. There was really not many suspenseful scenes as she seemed really lucky and could even steal a palm Pilot and then giving it back without anyone noticing it not to mention coming and going in the night with encountering any of the guards that suposedly existed. I coulf have accepted that if we just had some final twist to make things lively and wrap it up, something about her parentage for instance. But none of that happened and I found the ending predictible having guessed the villain fairly early. I thought there was much potencial in the beginning but it never lived up to that.

Grade: C

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