Sunday, November 2, 2008

New Additions To The TBR Pile

Just couldn't resist a few more trad regencies, they are wonderful to spend an afternoon with during the winter... The Singh I already read and the Harry Potter I'll get to soon... ;-)

Caroline Brooks - Regency Rose

Vanessa Gray - The Lost Legacy

Sandra Heath - Blue Lavender

April Kihlstrom - The Soldier's Bride

JK Rowling - Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets

Nalini Singh - Visions of Heat


  1. You MUST read all Harry Potters! Must, must, must, or I'll haunt you! :oP

  2. I will, I will, I will! I promise!!!!! :-S

  3. You scary ghost! I would do anything you told me to! :-)

  4. I'm veeeeeery scary!!!!!!
    *Anything* I say??? So transfer lots of money to my account, please! ;o)

  5. Weeeelllll, you drive a hard bargain!! I was thinking just book related! :-)

  6. Oh, damn! ;)
    Read the books, them, quick!
    And give me sugestions for me to read :op (not historical, obviously :op)

  7. Thrillers and romantic suspense right? Have you tried Alex Kava yet? Brenda Novak? Linda Howard? I must check my shelves to see what more I can suggest.

    And did Ana ever lent you my Rachel Gibson book? They were fun, just not as suspenseful as the thrillers

  8. I haven't tried Alex Kava, I searched for it when I went to Dublin but couldn't find the 1st book so... but I'm still very curious! Brenda Novak no... Linda Howard yes, I loved it and already have 2 more books from her! :)

    I read a Rachel Gibson book from a bookring and liked it, but it was the only one... snifff.... ;)

  9. Hmm let's ask Ana if she has already read them ;-)

    Oh and Susan Elizabeth Phillips writes really funny contemporaries. She has ridiculous plots but amazingly it works. Do you know her?

  10. Well no to worry, we'll take care of the formalities on wednesday!



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