Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Art History Challenge

I really should tell myself not to join any more challenges till I finish at least 1 of them but I couldn't resist this suggestion from A.. It's the Art History Challenge and since I already had most of the books in my TBR pile I thought: why not?

More information about this challenge here and here is my reading list:

Susan Vreeland - The Passion of Artemisia - Read
Tracy Chevalier - Girl With a Pearl Earring - Read
Sarah Dunant - The Birth of Venus - Read
Elizabeth Peters - Borrower of The Night - Read
Sarah Bower - Needle In The Blood - Read
Barry Unsworth - The Stone Virgin - Read


  1. The Birth of Venus was one of my favourites books this year and I can't wait to read Tracy Chevalier and Susan Vreeland.

  2. Really? I never read Dunant so I don't know what to expect... I think I'll start with that one. :-)


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