Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What's On Your Nightstand?

It's again time to check the nightstand and see what's there. Since these are the books I'll be reading in January some of them are very connected to the challenges I got myself into. The medieval challenge ends in February so there are several medievals on the nightstand. ;-)

Here they are:

Elizabeth Chadwick - The Marsh King's Daughter

Cynthia Harrod-Eagles - The Dark Rose

Paul M. Kendall - Yorkist Age, Daily Life During The Wars of The Roses

Sarah Bower - The Needle in The Blood

Roberta Gellis - A Tapestry of Dreams

Deanna Raybourn - Silent in The Sanctuary

Lisa Kleypas - A Wallflower Christmas

I'm hoping I'll get some books for Christmas so this list might get a bit bigger...


  1. Your list looks great. Hope you get lots of new books under the tree!

  2. Interesting list of books. Would you believe the only author I know from your list is Kleypas. Time to educate myself on the rest of them. :) Hope you get some great books for Christmas.

    Merry Christmas!

    Robin of mytwoblessings

  3. I'll confess I've never read any of the authors on your list. But, this is good. I need to expand my horizons. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I don't believe I've heard of any of those but by the sound of them it looks like fun!

  5. I don't think I've heard of any of those authors - off to Amazon to check them out! :)

  6. Hi all, thanks for visiting me! I hope you find the books to your taste.

    No doubt the books I receive at Christmas will appear on January's Nightstand feature ;-)

    Off to visit your blogs...

  7. I recognized Deanna Raybourn. I received Silent on the Moor as a review copy. Other than that I don't think I recognize a lot from your list, but that's what I love about visiting other sites. So many new books to learn about.

  8. You are so far beyond my reading league, which is what makes 5 Minutes for Books so great! Your blog design is fantastic, by the way.


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