Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lavender Blue – Sandra Heath

Flight of Fancy

Jovian Cathness, twelfth Luke of Chavanage, was one of the greatest prizes in the Marriage Mart. He had such charm that the ladies of the ton claimed he could coax the birds from the trees. Now he appears to spend all his time befuddled by drink. And the town prattlers have even spread rumors of the duke flying to the upper vyiudowy of his town house.

Despite the fact that Jovian's kisses once seemed to send her sailing high over Westminster Abbey. levelheaded Lady Anthea Wintour won't give credence to the whispers of magic. She wants all the world to believe shell have naught to do with the man who broke her heart. Yet when they meet again, she feels herself filling under the spell of an enchantment that could only be love.
Although I´m finding that I do like the fantasy genre I really do prefer traditional regencies to be...well, traditional and without magic. I keep reading Sandra Heath in hopes of finding a story I enjoy as much as I did Lady Domino but these stories with magic just leave me cold for the most part.

Anthea was almost betrothed to Jovian, the Duke of Chavanage when suddenly he became a drunkard and their engagement was broken. Then, suddenly, her father remarries an soon after became a widower and left to Brazil leaving Anthea with a new stepsister. She goes about in society and keeps meeting Jovian, normally in his cups, and strangely he keeps warning her of great danger while weird things keep happening. It is fairly obvious from the beginning that Jovian is not drunk but pretending. And that there is a mystery surrounding Anthea’s stepsister Corinna.

Heath tries to mix romance, magic and Greek myths and it felt a bit like there were too many twist and turns to keep track of. It seemed odd that Anthea was reviling Jovian one moment and listening to him and following his advice in the other. They never really have a conversation on whether he is drunk or not and despite that she is soon ready to believe everything he says and willing to accept he is the only man she will ever love. I found that part a bit hard to believe and I was at times confused with so many details but I must admit Heath did write an interesting tale and I was looking forward to reach the end and know what was behind so many strange things.

Grade: 3/5

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