Saturday, February 21, 2009

Once Upon a Dream - Anthology

In Dreams by Nora Roberts
A woman travels to Ireland and finds herself in a castle with a man who has been trapped there for 500 years. I didn’t feel anything for either character, thought they fell into love (lust?) rather quickly and there wasn’t enough character development.
Grade: 2/5

The Sorcerer’s Daughter – Jill Gregory
My favourite! To save her father from a witch Willow has to find a treasure. Her father decides to help and send someone to protect her but he makes a mistake and the wrong man shows up. Since both of them want the treasure it was fun to see them compete and fall in love in the process.
Grade: 4/5

The Enchantment – Ruth Ryan Langan
A love story between a real estate agent and the son of the owner of the house she is going to put on the market. Everything was going well, if not particularly memorable, when some sort of alternate reality/dream ruined the story for me. I just couldn’t believe that part.
Grade: 3/5

The Bridge of Sighs – Marianne Willman
This was another nice story although I must admit I was more interested in the past history than the modern couple. It seemed I didn’t know them enough and they sounded a bit immature. I liked the Venice setting, it seemed ideal for a ghost story.
Grade: 4/5

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