Tuesday, July 14, 2009

An Original Form of Promotion - Pope Joan

Donna Woolfolk Cross, author of Pope Joan, - released on June 9th by Three Rivers Press in a new and improved edition, has come up with an original form of promotion offering an opportunity for a reader and her guest to join her at the U.S. movie premiere of Pope Joan! You can find the details at http://popejoan.com/2009promo.htm.

Time is running short, for the red carpet offer expires on July 31st. The contest only applies to the brand-new Three Rivers Press edition.

I've had this book in the TBR pile for the longest time and now I think I might just have to grab it and read it before the movie is out, I sure would love to be able to go to that premiére!


  1. I'm reading it now and so far- so good!

  2. I read it a few years ago and loved it. It's a really good book. Give it a try! ;)


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