Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Additions to The TBR Pile

Is there anything better than getting "hard to find" books in the mail? ;-) Here's what the author has to say about this one:

The Demon Count (1980) Dell Candlelight Intrigue.

The Demon Count was the fourth book I ever wrote, still in my early gothic mode, written on a typewriter. It was my first book with explicit sex in it, though the editors made me cut half of it. The heroine was your prototypical starchy spinster, the hero a seductive and dangerous Venetian count who had the occupying Austrian army and half the city convinced he was a vampire. Around the time I finished it my best friend’s aunt, a major editor at Knopf, asked how my writing was coming. I blithely told her I just reached my peak, though I had every intention of hitting a great many more as my career went on. I must have been about thirty when I wrote it, and I still adore it.

I like gothics so I have high expectations for this one!

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  1. Oh I so want to know if this is a good one, can't even find it in ebook!


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