Saturday, February 20, 2010

Emma's TV adaptations

Last weekend I planned to watch the TV adaptations of Jane Austen's Emma during the week. There's an Emma discussion going on at Lights Camera History and I wanted to have every detail fresh on my mind before posting there. I have watched the four adaptations done so so but I only wrote reviews of two of them, the 2009 and the 1972 versions. Looking back it seems odd that I never did got to review my favourite adaptation - ITV's 1996 version with Kate Beckinsale in the title role.

Unfortunately life got in the way and I ended up not watching any of them. But that didn't stop me from adding my two cents about them. If possible it convinced me that I really need to watch them all again soon (especially has lots of fans are mentioning that the 2009 version improves with repeated viewing...).

So... if you like Jane Austen and you like period dramas feel free to head on to Lights Camera History and add your two cents too. Today there's a poll about Emma's dream cast and I'm sure there will be divided opinions about some of the actors. I'll see you there!


  1. I had lost the discussion and the polls on LCH. Thanks for linking to them here! I've voted in the polls. Know what, Ana, my "following" link doesn't work properly for LCH! so I sometimes miss your updating there. But it always works with Aneca's World, so ...

  2. Laurel Ann,

    You're welcome! :-)

    Maria Grazia,
    It may be because Lights is Wordpress and your blog is Blogger. Mine (Aneca) is blogger too and I have the same problems with the updates of Wordpress.
    You can join the Emma discussion any time, the more the merrier. :-)


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