Friday, June 4, 2010

Undone - Karin Slaughter

When a tortured young woman enters the trauma center of an Atlanta hospital, Dr. Sara Linton is thrust into a desperate police investigation with Special Agent Will Trent and his partner, Faith Mitchell. Though guarding their own wounds and their own secrets, Sara, Will, and Faith find that they are all that stand between a madman and his next victim.

I had high expectations for this book and Slaughter did not disappoint! This is the book that brings together Sara Linton of the Grant County series and Will and Faith from the Atlanta series. Slaughter made me like and care about these characters so much that I couldn't help a happy sigh when I finally had the book in my hands.

Sara is now a doctor in Atlanta; she works the ER because there she can forget about her problems and her lost husband and immerse herself in work. One day a woman is found on the road, badly hurt and with signs of torture. Will and Faith are called to investigate this and possible other victims while Sara is the doctor that eventually cares for the woman when they take her to the hospital. With a natural interest in the police's work and willing do her best as a doctor to help uncover the person behind these crimes Sara strikes a relationship with Will. If their relationship is fragile and makes them both unsure, Faith is quick to distrust Sara and her possible interest in the case. Of course Faith has a problem of her own, a case of history repeating itself twenty years later, who will make feel a bit unbalanced for a while.

The mystery of the women being tortured and killed was engaging and suspenseful. There's the usual gore and the horrific details that we've seen Slaughter is capable of in previous books but she writes an engaging story. Although in the end I wasn't totally convinced of the killer's motivations I was very curious about how he picked his victims and what the relationship between them was.

I really liked revisiting these characters, I really like what she does with the GBI environment and the fact that they always intrude in the local police force work and have to suffer through some rudeness and ill will. Oh and I really like Amanda, Will and Faith's boss who is such an interesting character. It's clear that she really likes Will despite treating him really bad sometimes. And I truly loved meeting Sara again, I loved how she is picking herself up, how she is still interested in helping people, how she, unexpectedly, felt some attraction for Will who is such a different character from Jeffrey and I loved that she carried Lena's letter everywhere without reading it till the end. I really would like to know what it said but considering that Lena is coming back in the next book I guess we will find out. Noa, when is that book out again??

Grade: 4.5/5

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