Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What's On Your Nightstand?

I missed this meme last month while I was on vacation but now I am back to share what's on my nightstand. Not many books because I have been busy at work and don't have as much time as I would like but I am reading 3 books at the same time:

'I dare say it will not be so very bad, our marriage, if I can have a house in town, and perhaps a love.' 'Perhaps a WHAT?' demanded Shield, in a voice that made her jump. Neither Sir Tristram Shield nor Eustacie, his young French cousin, share the slightest inclination to marry one another. Yet it is Lord Lavenham's dying wish. For there is no one else to provide for the old man's granddaughter while Ludovic, his heir, remains a fugitive from justice...

Protestantism is sweeping the land and threatens the position of the Catholic Morlands, so they must seek new spheres of influence. John, the heir, rides north to the untamed Borderlands to wed the daughter of Black Will Percy, Northumberland cattle lord. But he finds he must first prove himself, and win her heart through blood and battle. John’s gentle sister Lettice is given in marriage to the ruthless Scottish baron, Lord Robert Hamilton, and in the treacherous court of Mary, Queen of Scots, she learns the fierce lessons of survival.

The stark naked body was lying in the tub. Not unusual for a proper bath, but highly irregular for murder -- especially witha pair of gold pince-nez deliberately perched before the sightless eyes. What's more, the face appeared to have been shaved after death. The police assumed that the victim was a prominent financier, but Lord Peter Wimsey, who dabbled in mystery detection as a hobby, knew better. In this, his first murder case, Lord Peter untangles the ghastly mystery of the corpse in the bath.

They have in common the fact that they are all historical although set in different periods...

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  1. Hello

    We always have lots of Dorothy Sayers' books around the house because my husband loves them!

    Enjoy your week reading:)

  2. I'm always reading at least 2, usually 3, books at once.

    My husband used to make fun of me, but now he does the same thing -- ha!

    Snapshot blog
    5 Minutes for Books

  3. Historical fiction is my favorite genre. Your pile looks great! Happy Reading!

    from 5MinutesforBooks.com

  4. Hmm... The Dorothy Sayers title sounds intriguing. I've never read anything by her--but have had her name in the back of my head as a "I should be reading this gal" for a while now. Maybe next month...

  5. I read books by Georgette Heyer years ago along with other Regency writers...You have an interesting stack there.
    Mama Bear

  6. Oh that last one looks good. I'll have to check it out. :)

  7. Thank you all for the visit!! :-)

    I hope to finish it this week, Sayers has been well recommended by everyone and now your husband too.

    Sadly I still haven't convinced my boyfriend that reading is the perfect hobby...

    Thank you!

    I hope you like Heyer

    I hope you like it

    Love Bears All Things,
    I love traditional regencies and Heyer is the best!

    I hope you like it!


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