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Lady Maggie's Secret Scandal - Grace Burrowes

Lady Maggie's Secret Scandal (The Duke's Daughters, #2; Windham, #5)

LADY MAGGIE WINDHAM HAS SECRETSAnd she's been perfectly capable of keeping them...until now. When she's threatened with exposure, she turns to investigator Benjamin Hazlit to keep catastrophe at bay. But Maggie herself intrigues Benjamin more than the riddle she's set him to solve. As he uncovers more and more of her past, Maggie struggles to keep him at a distance, until they both begin to discover the truth in their hearts...

I have been reading good things about Grace Burrowes online and after reading Lady Louisa's Christmas Knight, which I enjoyed, i was curious to find out more about her sisters. Truth be told I was more interested in her younger sisters than her older sisters (just because they feature more prominently in the story) but when I found this one for free at Amazon I just couldn't resist getting it.

Lady Maggie is the illegitimate sister. Although she is treated by the Duke and Duchess just as their other girls she feels keenly that she is the Duke's daughter by another woman. Not only that but she hasn't been able to get away from her origins and has been hiding a secret for years. When her reticule is stolen she turns to Benjamin Hazlitt to recover it.

I thought Maggie and Benjamin were well matched. Both had secrets to hide and didn't feel like they belonged in the aristocracy world. Like Louisa's book I liked that they have time to get to know each other before embarking on a relationship. I liked that they are both sensible, hard working people who support themselves and care for those around them. I also liked the sense of family we get in these books. The Duke, the duchess and their offspring do seem to have a loving relationship.

The problem for me was that I felt that Maggie was never made to feel anything other than a loved daughter and when her "problem" first arose I think that one honest conversation with her parents would have solved everything. As it was it felt a bit contrived. So I liked this one less than my previous read by her, I like that she writes nice stories and includes untitled characters but this one was not particularly memorable. I am still curious about the other sisters. Especially Jenny. So I'll give her another go in the future.

Grade: 3.5/5

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  1. I was very pleased to find this site.I wanted to thank you for this great read I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.


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