Friday, January 5, 2007


This week I tagged Rosario with the 5 Things Nobody Knows About Me tag. One of the things she mentioned was that she carefully chooses a bookmark to match the book she is reading. This is something I never do... and yet I have lots of bookmarks. I started by making some myself, then I casually mentioned to family and friends how much I liked bookmarks and somehow every time it's my birthday or christmas I get a new one.

This christmas my uncle remarked that even if I didn't want to collect them I would have to because I'm always being offered some. Some of them are really beautiful, others are more ethnical, some are made with wood, others with lace.

So I decided to share some of the more interesting items of my collection with you. And from now on I think I'm going to choose my bookmarks with care instead of just grabbing the first paper that comes to hand :-)

These two were a gift from Mary and Meryl!

My parents brought me these from their travels!

I think the silver one was a present from my mother and the ethnic one I got at BTL - Lisbon's Tourism Fair

These are 3 very different ones, the black one is from Oporto's Serralves Museum, the middle one is a tapestry someone brought from their travels (can't remember whom, sorry...) and the third one was made by me for my brother and sister-in-law's wedding. It was one of their gifts to everyone who attended.

This one is made of venetian lace and it was a gift that my aunt and uncle brought from their trip to Italy last year.

The middle one I bought in Egypt there other 2 were a gift from a friend that went to Cuba.

My mom gave me these because she knows of my love for all things medieval.

These 2 are normal store bought bookmarks but I quite like them. Especially the cat that was another gift from my aunt this Christmas. I love Cats :-)

I have many more so one of these days I'll post a few more pictures...


  1. I always use a bookmark, but it usually just one of the ones that you get free from the bookstore!! I do have a leather Jane Austen one somewhere but I wouldn't even know where to begin!

  2. whoops...meant where to begin looking for it!

    Memo to self: Complete transferring thoughts from brain to screen before pressing Publish!

  3. Beautiful bookmarks, Ana! Mine are nothing like that, just mostly promo bookmarks from bookstores and authors. Now I'm almost embarrassed to take a picture of them for Cindy, who asked about them!

  4. Oh Ro, I have those too, these were just some of the more interesting ones :-)

    I would love to see yours and the books you match them with...


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