Thursday, January 4, 2007

My Sewing Machine

My grandmother had an old sewing machine, like the one in the picture, which fascinated me when I was a child. I spent a lot of time at her house and I always enjoyed sitting next to her when she was sewing and hearing about what she was working on.

My mother has a modern sewing machine that she bought a few years ago. To be honest during my teen years, and even young tenties, the idea of owning one myself never crossed my mind. Everything I needed done I just asked my mom to do it. I had learned to embroider and stitch but totally gave it up as a young adult.

Now ever since I live in my own home I started feeling the need to stop asking my mom to do certain things like lifting the hems of trousers or skirts. Being online has also made me aware of a lot of inspiring blogs and sites dealing with different crafts, among them sewing.

So lately I had been after mom to get the old sewing machine fixed so I could use it. I was almost sure I had convinced her but this Christmas they decided to surprise me and buy me a new one. I was ecstatic! And later the same day I discovered L. had also bought me a sewing machine. I went from having none to having 2 of them - we took the second one back and you can see the one I own in this picture.

I have lots of plans about what to use it for - besides lifting hems that is - and in my enthusiasm I already got a few fabrics ready to start working. Life has been pretty busy lately but hopefully soon I will be able to sit down and calmly learn how to use it and start planning what to sew first. I have already tried a few stitches but the results were not very encouraging :-)

When I feel secure enough I'll be sure to post the results of my efforts here...

Till then you can find some beautiful sewing projects here and here.


  1. Thanks for the compliment! and give a try with the sewing machine, start with simple things to get a hang on the technique.

  2. My grandparents had this old sewing maching, too and I loved to play with it when I was a kid! I think it was so cool to use your foot to make it work...


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