Thursday, May 3, 2007

Lemon Meringue Murder Pie - Joanne Fluke

I really liked this Hannah Swensen mystery. In this story Norman Rhodes tells Hannah he just bought a property to tear down and build their dream house, however there's no mention of making theirs a permanent relationship. During their visit to the property they find a dead body and one of Hannah's pies on the table. The house's last owner was murdered...

Knowing Hannah, and since everyone is pulling for her to investigate, she just can't resist some amateur sleuthing to find the culprit. In the mean time we have the a closer look at her family when sister Michelle comes home and it seems to me they do more family things together. Norman and Mike keep vying for Hannah's attentions but none of them "pops the question" which after the first few chapters doesn't seem to bother her too much.

As I said I really enjoyed it and I find fascinating these mysteries where nothing really bad happens except for the dead body. It's curious how Hannah always confronts the obvious suspects with the belief that there's a perfectly good explanation for their behaviour. Also a lot of fun was her dieting throughout the whole book only to find out in the end that she wasn't getting fat, actually the slack's that didn't fit her where her sister's size.

Another B and looking forward to the next book which is sitting in my TBR pile.

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