Friday, May 4, 2007


Is anyone else a comics lover?
Besides having read Asterix, Tintin and Mafalda when I was a teenager and regularly reading Calvin and Hobbes on a daily paper I never considered my self much of a comic book's lover. However since KristieJ mentioned For Better or For For Worse and I decided to check the link I've been hooked. I have to have a daily fix! I think the attraction is exactly what she mentions, they are so human, just like everyone else and everyday I can't resist going there and see what's happening with that family.

So today I decided to share my addiction with you! Click here for the comic strip. Of course, if you're one of KristieJ's frequent visitors you might already be addicted too :-)


  1. There are two comics that I read on a regular basis:


    * Mutts

    These two are my favourites!

  2. E pronto, os comentários não gostam das minhas tags. Reformulando...

    There are two comics that I read on a regular basis:

    * Baby Blues (

    * Mutts (

    These two are my favourites!

  3. Mafalda! I adore Mafalda! My local newspaper has a strip every day, and also other comics by Quino, the author.

  4. Virgulina,
    Thanks for the links, I'm going to check those comics. I'll hold you responsible if I get addicted to those too ;-)

    I love Mafalda too! Unfortunately it doesn't come in the newspapers here but I have several books by Quino.


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