Saturday, June 16, 2007

I'm back!!

...and we're back from Barcelona!! We had a lovely time, visited some wonderful places and I even bought a few books.

I think the highlights were the visit to Sagrada Familia - still very much a work in progress, La Pedrera - fascinating to learn how Gaudi worked, Mercat de la Boqueria - it was so well organised and displayed - where I couldn't resist having a strawberry juice, just walking around in the Ramblas and Bairro Gotico and for any book lover I recommend the visit to Elephant Books. L. also loved the Camp Nou visit, I enjoyed it too but my feet were killing me by then. I was looking forward to see if they really had wiped out Figo and it seems they did because I couldn't find any mention of him.

You can see the pictures here


  1. oh, do tell the most important, what was the loot from elephant books? :) welcome back btw, hope you had better weather than we did here!

  2. I just bought 6 books, I think I was quite overwhelmed in the beginning with so many books that interested me and so many more I didn't know but looked interesting. I'll be posting them soon :-)


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