Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cool Shade - Theresa Weir

I had never read Theresa Weir before and approached this book with no expectations. I'm happy to say that I enjoyed it, I found it both original and interesting.

Maddie Smith has never been one to hang around any place too long. After losing her job as a late-night disc jockey, she has little reason to stay in Tucson. When she receives a message that her estranged sister has disappeared, she figures she might as well go to Nebraska and see what's up with her unreliable sibling. There she learns that her sister is linked to the mysterious Eddie Berlin, a recluse and a very sexy guy. Maddie takes a personal interest in Eddie as she searches for clues about the disappearance of her sister.

Meanwhile, Eddie is shouldering problems of his own. The former manager of a pop star killed by a crazed fan, Eddie feels responsible for the singer's death, and as a result, he hasn't wandered off his own property in more than four years. Still, he is attracted to Maddie, experiencing feelings he thought he would never know again. A stolen tape of a recording made by the late rock star and other clues bind the couple together. It soon becomes clear that these two deserve each other, and when they finally feel comfortable with the fit, they find they are greater as a pair than they could ever have been as individuals.

I really liked that they were both flawed characters. Maddie with her difficulty in staying in one place for long and with relationships and Eddie in getting out of his house. They are both insecure and when they first got involved I was wondering where the story was going from there. I was a bit worried but Weir pulls it off beautifully making them seem fragile and tentative in their dealings with each other. They are too afraid to admit their incipient feelings for each other, especially because they don't really know each other and it's very interesting how they end up knowing each other better without being aware of it.

Part of what makes the book work it that she created really unique and diferent characters, especially Eddie Berlin who really doesn't seem hero material with all his problems. Her characters seem human, their behaviour is real. There's a mystery as a secondary plot that I found was a nice touch and not taking too much space.

Grade: B

And many thanks Ro for sending this my way!

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