Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Obsession - Katherine Sutcliffe

I first got this book because I found the back blurb interesting. It was only when I picked it up a few days ago that I discovered that this a sequel to another book with the same hero/heroine. I have no idea how the author managed to end that book in a way that could be considered a romance since when this one starts they have been apart for years and the hero thinks the heroine married someone else.

Trey Hawthorne, the Duke of Salterdon, once had a reputation that would humble the Marquis de Sade. Then he found his heart's desire in gentle, innocent Maria Ashton, whose healing touch ignited a forbidden passion between the noble duke and the lowborn vicar's daughter. Defying his family, Hawthorne intended to wed Maria -- but she mysteriously vanished before he could take her as his bride. After tirelessly searching for her for months, Trey gave up hope and reverted to his former wicked ways.

Now, chance has led Trey to his beloved at last -- but the devastating truth behind her disappearance might prove more than he can bear. As he fights to rescue his beautiful Maria from a life of torment, Trey wonders if in saving her, he will also finally save himself -- or if the fight will cost him everything....

The interesting thing about this book is that it's told in the first person from the hero's point of view. I'm sure there must be other's around but I don't remember reading any. Other than that this is pretty much written in the "bodice ripper" style. We have an alpha male who is completely over the top, always barking orders and mad about something. The heroine, who has spent the last years in an asylum for the insane and is not exactly aware of what is happening to her for the first half of the book. And the proverbial other woman who is fighting for the hero's love and no matter how many times he sends her away she never goes.

I have some trouble with these kind of books nowadays, everything seems so exagerated - actions, feelings, motives - that I just can't relate with any of them. It's more or less like watching a south american soap opera where everyone and everything is larger than life.

Eventually the hero conquers every obstacle and manages to end up with the heroine. Despite that many events of the previous book are mentioned in this one I don't think it is essential to read it first but it does seem that all of the reasons for the main couple to be in love were just there and here we just know it because we are being told.

Grade: C+

Whe I first started reading romance I read several by Sutcliffe that I greatly enjoyed but for now I think I'll stick to her romantic suspense titles.


  1. A hero who is a complete jerk and a lover who never understand what "no" means. Hmmm... I think I'm not going to try Obsession but there's something I like, the fact that the story is told by the hero. That's quite original! Now, I must confess I'm quite curious about her romantic suspense.:)

  2. Yes the fact that I found that refreshing and original almost made me give it a B-.

    I have Darkling I Listen up at Bookmooch if you want to try that one ;-)


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