Monday, December 17, 2012

Challenges for 2013 - TBR Challenge 2013

Other than family, books are what I turn to in moments of crisis. 2012 isn't ending on a good note and we don't know what 2013 will bring so I have been spending lots of time looking at the books in my TBR pile, writing down what I want to read next, reading reviews on Goodreads, etc, etc

I have also decided to join a few challenges and the first one will be The TBR Challenge hosted by Wendy at The Misadventures of a Super Librarian. She makes it sound so much fun and I'm sure I'll spend a good time searching my TBR pile for books that fit the theme so I'm in!

Here's what Wendy has to say about the challenge:

This will be my third year hosting the challenge, and it's really been oodles of fun.  I hope past participants have enjoyed it as much as I have and will think about signing up again for the new year.  For the uninitiated, just what is the TBR Challenge?  Well.....
Simply put, it's where readers pick up a long neglected book from their TBR pile, read it, and comment on that read on the 3rd Wednesday of every month.  The idea is to read those long neglected books that you just had to get your hands on at the time, but have been languishing in your pile, all lost and forgotten.

Commentary on your chosen TBR read can happen anywhere online (your blog, Facebook, GoodReads, Twitter, a message board etc.) just provide me with a link when you sign-up so interested readers can follow all the challengers!

This is a voluntary challenge and I want this to be fun.  Hey, life happens.  If you have to skip a month, there will be no ridicule.  Likewise, while there will be bragging rights for those that complete the challenge without skipping a single month - there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Since some readers like a little guidance, I will also be keeping with tradition and providing themes.  These themes are totally voluntary.  If you don't have anything in your TBR that fits, the theme doesn't appeal, or you just want to read something else - go for it! Again, this is meant to be a fun challenge.

Monthly Review Dates And Theme Suggestions (as written on Wendy's information page)

January 16 - We Love Short Shorts!  - Mischief and Mistletoe
February 20 - Recommended Read - The Secret Mistress
March 20 - Series Catch-Up  - Scarpetta
April 17 - New-To-You Author - The Seventh Etching
May 15 - More Than One (An author who has more than one book in your TBR pile). - Ruthless
June 19 - Lovely RITA (RWA RITA nominees OR winners.) - Seduced by a Pirate.
July 17 - The Classics - With This Ring
August 21 - Steamy reads (Erotic romance, erotica, something spicy!) - Lust Unleashed
September 18 - Western (Contemporary or historical)
October 16 - Paranormal or romantic suspense
November 20 - All About The Hype (a book that created such chatter that it was inescapable).
December 18 - Holiday themes (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, it's all good!) - 

I'll be adding my list of books read as I go along...


  1. Yay! I'm glad you're signing on. It really is fun, and if nothing else it insures you at least get one book out of your TBR every month :)


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