Monday, August 19, 2013

At The Duke's Wedding - Anthology


I really enjoy reading novellas when they are well done. Usually I do read anthologies during the Holiday Season or when some of the authors are already known to me. this one I picked up quite by accident but decided to give it a try. It seemed intriguing to have all the stories set in the same place at the same time.

That Rogue Jack by Maya Rodale
This was a bit silly with a hero who had nothing recommend himself but his smile and a heroine who seemed to deserve better. It all happened too fast and that search for the ring got old fast. Grade 3/5

P.S. I Love You by Miranda Neville
This was a sort of Cyrano de Bergerac story. I couldn't wait for the real couple to finally recognise each other and act on their feelings. Although I liked it better than the first one it wasn't a complete success. I found the hero's competition too shallow to be true.  Grade 3.5/5

When I Met My Duchess by Caroline Linden
I had hopes for this one but it seemed to obvious both the difference between the sisters and that the Duke would fall for the apparently wrong one. It was sort of insta-lust but I guess that past of it being a novella. grade: 2.5/5

How Angela Got Her Rogue Back by Katharine Ashe
Time travellers are really not my thing so I wasn't exactly excited about this one. I found that the heroine adjusted too well to her leap to the past and it all stretched my disbelief. The ending left me wondering whether a sequel would be in the works. Grade 2/5

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