Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Crazy Kind of Love - Maureen Child

785268Lucas Gallagher is the geek who bought the land Michaela "Mike" Marconi wanted for her dream house. She thinks he's infuriating, annoying and totally rude. Yet, he gets to her more than any other man ever has. But though Lucas may be a scientist, he's the rock star of scientists. His inventions have made him millions, his research is reshaping the study of medicine and he holds patents for numerous technological marvels. But now, when it means everything, he's failed. His younger brother, the family's 'golden child' is dying of cancer and Lucas, despite his brilliance, can't help him. In Chandler, he tries to hide from the world he knows. 
Mike tried running away from her problems when she was a kid. When her mother lay dying, Mike ran. When her world crumbled, Mike hid. And she's learned that the only way to win is to stand your ground and keep trying. She doesn't understand what Lucas is talking about half the time, but she knows exactly what he's feeling. And while criticizing his complete lack of architectural ability, and remaking the house he's trying to build, Mike finds herself slipping into Lucas Gallagher's life. 
She wakes him up and he shakes her up: the two of them are complete opposites, and nothing can keep them apart. Until Lucas's brother Justin comes home to die.

A few years ago I read the first one in this series and really enjoyed it. Recently I had the opportunity of grabbing book number two and I couldn't let it pass. I am happy to report that I did enjoy it although I was a bit worried in the beginning.

Mike is the youngest Marconi sister. She is saving money to buy her dream property when suddenly someone else  comes along and buys it. My problems with the beginning of the book was precisely because I couldn't understand Mike and Lucas's relationship. If he was the new owner why did she keep changing his orders for the house and why didn't he do something about it? They supposedly had a business relationship only and it's not very sound for business if you keep thwarting the one who is paying you no matter how much you think you have better ideas.

Once I got past that - meaning once I felt they had more than just a business relationship - I was OK  with how they dealt with each other. I could totally see how Mike was good for Lucas!

But they both have events from their past who threaten to shadow their lives and their relationship. Once again I enjoyed how they supported each other and helped each other processing what was happening. I think the final twist was unnecessary as I could totally get a HEA without it but it also didn't bother me so all is well.

This is only my second Maureen Child book but I find that I really like her writing style and that she portrays the relationships in a very realistic way. I can't wait to get my hands on the third book of this series and I'm thinking I must check out the rest of her back list.

Grade: 4/5

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