Saturday, July 7, 2007

Updating my series list

I'll be updating the list of the series I'm reading today. I forgot to add some, then there are others I'm still thinking if I should consider series or not. For instance Karen Rose's books are all connected but should we consider them a series? Maybe more like spin offs...

I'm finding this list really helpful because although I enjoy reading series very much I seem to keep forgetting which is the next book. I am forever checking author websites to find that out or more info on when they come out. By keeping it all together in one place I'm making it easier.

When there's a website I'll post it when there isn't I think I'll just use Fantastic Fiction, it's a great site for that kind of info.

Here's my list: Series I'm reading


  1. That's an excellent idea, Ana. I think I'll do the same.:)

  2. You do that, maybe by looking at yours I'll find new series to start on ;-)

    I wonder if I should be considered a seriesaholic lol

  3. Can I join too? I have so many series started and not yet finished!


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