Friday, September 25, 2009

Giveaway: Karen Rose - Scream For Me

Ok, so this the first of the giveways I promised at the beginning of the week! I have been enjoying Karen Rose's books for sometime now. I think she writes great romantic suspense, with well balanced plots who have some gruesome crimes but also have some romantic love stories. This is an ARC that I got from Bookmooch and now that I have read it, and enjoyed it so much, I thought of sharing it with someone else. I'll have my review up soon but if you're interested in getting a copy of this just leave a comment on this post and I'll announce a winner on October 9th.

Special Agent Daniel Vartanian has sworn to find the perpetrator of multiple killings that mimic a 13-year-old murder linked to a collection of photographs that belonged to his brother, Simon, the ruthless serial killer who met his demise in DIE FOR ME. Daniel is certain that someone even more depraved than his brother committed these crimes, and he's determined to bring the current murderer to justice and solve the mysterious crime from years ago. With only a handful of images as a lead, Daniel's search will lead him back through the dark past of his own family, and into the realm of a mind more sinister than he could ever imagine. But his quest will also draw him to Alex Fallon, a beautiful nurse whose troubled past reflects his own. As Daniel becomes attached to Alex, he discovers that she is also the object of the obsessed murderer. Soon, he will not only be racing to discover the identity of this macabre criminal, but also to save the life of the woman he has begun to love.


  1. Hello Ana, let me be the first to participate :) I have not read it yet but I'm sure it's going to be a great book, if only because Karen Rose has a very fertile imagination and her plots are really, really interesting. I think she is one of the very few authors that I read for the plot driven stories and not for the characters...
    p.s. please tell me, how do you manage to have time for 5 blogs??!!! do you ever sleep?!

  2. Lovin' the layout. Thanks for the giveaway. =)

  3. I've been keeping a eye on this author but still haven't managed to get a hand on her books. It doesn't hurt to participate in this giveaway. :P

  4. The book sounds good. I'd like to participate in this giveaway. Just wondering though, if you would send to Singapore.

  5. Ioana,
    I have already read the next books and they are really good. Oh and I sleep very little... ;-)

    Anoush and Whitelady
    Good luck!!!

    Yes I send worldwide. :-)

  6. I think I've read one or maybe two books by this author, but I really don't know her well... so I'd be curious to try my luck.
    By the way I love your blog - so elegant!

  7. Karen Rose is an author I haven't read anything of for quite a while. But I loved the books I did reade some time ago.
    The title is promising, I think. :)

  8. You have a really nice looking blog. Most look so standard, but this is really nice.
    My mother, Debbie Hoggan loves this author. She has such a nack for keeping your attention and on the edge of your seat, don't you believe? Mom would love to be considered for the book. Then, I can read it after her. (smile)


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