Thursday, October 29, 2009

Challenges Round Up

Another challenge finished this month, Carl V's R.I.P Challenge which I greatly enjoyed. I also made some progress in some of the other challenges but I really have to make a bigger effort for the 4 that end in December. No more new challenges for me before the year is out!
Let's see my progress so far:

Ends Dec 2009
Goal - 5 books
Read - 1
I'm almost ashamed to say that it's been many months since I read a book for this challenge. But I already put Austen's Emma on my nightstand so at least that one will be read soon (I hope!)

Ends Dec 2009
Goal - 12 books
Read - 7
This one is not going bad, I've changed a few titles since I first signed up because I read some books that could be included in one category or other and that I hadn't planned in advance but, I think I'll manage to finish this one on time without problem.

Ends Dec 2009
Goal - 6 books
Read - 3
This one has not been going well either and I still haven't found Karen Essex's book so I may have to change that title. We'll see...

Ends Dec 2009
Goal - 52 books
Read - 39
Another that has been stalled this past month, the problem is that some letters are difficult to find (or I don't feel like reading the ones I do). Feel free to suggest titles and authors with the letters I'm missing.

Ends Jul 2010
Goal - 12 movies
Watched - 3

Ends Jan 2010
Goal - 6 books
Read - 4

Ends Jan 2010
Goal - 6 things Austen
Read/watched - 3

I'm not that worried about the challenges ending in 2010 although two of them end right in beginning of the year... no new challenges till January then!


  1. You're doing pretty well. Good for you! :D

  2. Congrats on finishing the RIP Challenge! Looks like you are really taking a bite out of your challenges.


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