Monday, February 1, 2010

Challenges Round Up

In January I finished some challenges I had started in 2009 but that ended only this month. They were the Reliquiae Challenge and the Winter Holiday Reading Challenge. With the 2009 Challenges finished I am now ready for 2010's list. I have already started working on them, now I just have to find the right pace not to end the year with many to complete. I'm sure these monthly updates will help!

Period Drama Challenge
Ends Jul 2010
Goal - 12 movies
Watched - 7

101 Fantasy Reading Challenge
Ends Oct 2010
Goal - 6 books
Read - 2

Suspense & Thriller Reading Challenge 2010
Ends Dec 2010
Goal - 12 books
Read - 1

All About The Bröntes
Ends June 2010
Goal - read or watch 6 Brönte related things

Medieval Challenge
Ends Dec 2010
Goal - 3

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