Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Challenges Round Up

It's time for the Challenges round up once again. I'm afraid I didn't do all that much progress and considering one of the challenges ends in September I really must get to work, at least on that one. I'm starting my vacation next weekend and I do plan to devote some time to the challenges, on next month's round up there will definitely be changes.

18th & 19th Women Writers' Reading Challenge
Ends Dec 2009
Goal - 5 books
Read - 1

2009 Suspense & Thriller Reading Challenge
Ends Dec 2009
Goal - 12 books
Read - 5

Cozy Mystery Challenge
Ends Sep 2009
Goal - 6 books
Read - 4

The Art History Challenge
Ends Dec 2009
Goal - 6 books
Read - 3

The A to Z Challenge
Ends Dec 2009
Goal - 56 books
Read - 38

Period Drama Challenge
Ends Jul 2010
Goal - 12 movies
Watched - 3

Reliquiae Challenge
Ends jan 2010
Goal - 6 books
Read - 3

The Everything Austen Challenge
Ends Jan 2010
Goal - 6 things Austen
Read/watched - 3

RIP Challenge
Ends Oct 2009
Goal - 4 books


  1. I signed up for far too many challenges and I am now running the race to the finish lines! I won't make them all, but I want to see how far I can get. I think I am going to pick challenges with less books in the future. The 999 challenge has been a struggle.

  2. LOL Rebecca I've been thinking the exact same thing! :-)


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