Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Challenges Round Up

And here is my monthly look at the challenges I am participating in:

Period Drama Challenge
Ends Jul 2010
Goal - 12 movies
Watched - 10

101 Fantasy Reading Challenge
Ends Oct 2010
Goal - 6 books
Read - 3

Suspense & Thriller Reading Challenge 2010
Ends Dec 2010
Goal - 12 books
Read - 10

All About The Bröntes
Ends June 2010
Goal - read or watch 3 to 6 Brönte related things
Watched - 4

Cozy Mystery Challenge
Ends September 2010
Goal - 7 to 10
Read - 3

Once Upon a Time Challenge
Ends June 2010
Goal - 5
Read - 5
I still need to write the final reviews

Marple, Poirot, Holmes Challenge
Ends Dec 2010
Goal - 6

The 1930s Mini Challenge
Ends July 2010
Goal - 1 or more

And  The Alphabet in Historical Fiction run by Historical Tapestry. We're currently on letter M. I have been making a list to make sure that I have a book for every letter but so far I haven't found any with an X or a Z. Suggestions are welcome! :-)

I'm almost done with the challenges that end in June so I'll probably take devote my vacation to the books set in the 1930s.


  1. X is hard, but I think Z might be doable.

  2. I just remembered Zemindar for Z but X is proving really difficult...


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