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Index of Reads - L to Z

Lange, Emma - A Certain Reputation
Lange, Emma - A Second Match
Lange, Emma - The False Fiancée
Lange, Emma - The Irish Rake
Lathan, Sharon - Mr and Mrs Fitzwilliam Darcy
Laurie, Victoria - Abby Cooper - Psychic Eye
Laurie, Victoria, Better Read Than Dead
Laurie, Victoria - A Vision of Murder
Laurie, Victoria - Crime Seen
Laurie, Victoria - What's A Ghoul to Do?
Lawrence, Ann - Do You Believe?
Lawrence, Margaret - Hearts and Bones
Layton, Edith - A Bride For His Convenience
Layton, Edith - False Angel
Layton, Edith - The Game of Love
Layton, Edith - Love In Disguise
Layton, Edith - Surrender to Love
Layton, Edith - The Cad
Layton, Edith - A Love For All Seasons
Layton, Edith - The Abandoned Bride
Lee, Linda Francis - Suddenly Sexy
Lehmann, Yvone - Hearts That Survive, a novel of the Titanic
Leiknes, Elizabeth - The Sinful Life of Lucy Burns
Lerner, Rose - In For a Penny
Linden, Caroline - What a Woman Needs
Linden, Caroline - What a Gentleman Wants
Llywellyn, Morgan - Strongbow, the story of Richard and Aoife
London, Julia - The Dangerous Gentleman
London, Julia - The Secret Lover
London, Julia - Highlander In Disguise Lockart series 2
London, Laura - Moonlight Mist
Lortz, Rosanne E. - I Serve, a novel of the Black Prince
Lowell, Elizabeth - The Color of Death

Mack, Dorothy - An Unconventional Courtship
MacLean, Julianne - To Marry The Duke
MacLean, Julianne - Love According to Lily
MacLean, Julianne - Surrender to A Scoundrel
MacLean, Julianna - An Affair Most Wicked
Malcolm, Anthea - An Improper Proposal
Mansfield, Elizabeth - A Christmas Kiss / Winter Wonderland
Mansfield, Elizabeth - A Grand Deception
March, Hannah - The Complaint of the Dove
Matthews, Laura - A Prudent Match
Matthews, Laura - The Nomad Harp
Matthews, Laura - Lord Clayborne's Fancy
McCall, Mary Reed - The Crimson Lady
McCourt, Frank - Angela's Ashes
McKenna, Shannon - Behind Closed Doors
McKenna, Shannon - Standing In The Shadows
McKenna, Shannon - Return To Me
McKinney, Meagan - Moonlight Becomes Her
McRae, Melinda - The Defiant Miss Foster & A Highly Respectable Widow
Medeiros, Teresa - The Vampire Who Loved Me
Merrill, Christine - The Inconvenient Duchess
Metzger, Barbara - Father Christmas
Miller, Kristin - One Night to Remember
Miller, Lucasta - The Brönte Myth
Mills, Anita - Lady of Fire
Mills, Anita - Devil's Match
Mills, Anita - Fire and Steel
Mills, Anita - Hearts of Fire
Mills, Anita - The Fire and The Fury
Mills, Anita - Winter Roses
Mills, Anita - Secret Nights
Mills, Anita - The Duke's Double
Mirren, Helen - In The Frame, My Life in Words and Pictures
Morgan, Alexis - Dark Protector
Morgan, Alexis - Dark Defender
Morgan, Kathleen - Child of The Mist
Morgan, Jude - An Accomplished Woman
Morsi, Pamela - Simple Jess
Mullany, Janet - Dedication

Nattress, Laurel Anne - Jane Austen Made Me Do It
Neggers, Carla - The Harbor
Nelson, Judith - The Merry Chase
Newark, Elizabeth - Jane Eyre's Daughter
Newark, Elizabeth - The Darcy's Give a Ball
Newman, Sharan - Death Comes As Epiphany
Norton, Cristina - O Segredo da Bastarda
Novak, Brenda - Dead Silence

Novak, Brenda - Dead Giveaway
Novak, Brenda - Dead Right

Orczy, Baroness Emmuska - The Scarlet Pimpernel

Parks, Julia - A Gift For a Rogue
Paul, Paula - Symptons of Death
Penman, Sharon Kay - The Sunne In Splendour
Penman, Sharon Kay - The Queen's Man
Penny, Louise - Still Life
Perkins, Diane - The Marriage Bargain
Peters, Elizabeth - The Mummy Case
Peters, Elizabeth - Borrower of The Night
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth - Natural Born Charmer
Picoult, Jodi - Perfect Match
Picoult, Jodi - Plain Truth
Plaidy, Jean - Uneasy Lies The Head
Plaidy, Jean - The Reluctant Queen
Potter, Alexandra - Me & Mr Darcy
Proctor, Candice - Midnight Confessions
Pullman, Philip - The Ruby In The Smoke
Putney, Mary Jo - The Bartered Bride

Quick, Amanda - The Perfect Poison
Quinn, Julia - The Duke and I
Quinn, Julia - The Viscount Who Loved Me
Quinn, Julia - An Offer From a Gentleman
Quinn, Julia - Romancing Mr Bridgerton
Quinn, Julia - Just Like Heaven

Ranney, Karen - After The Kiss
Reichs, Kathy - Deja Dead
Reichs, Kathy - Death Du Jour
Reichs, Kathy - Deadly Decisions
Reichs, Kathy - Grave Secrets
Reynolds, Abigail - A Pemberley Medley
Richenda, Anna - The Saint and The Fasting Girl
Riley, Judith Merkle - A Vision of Light
Robards, Karen - Tiger's Eye
Robards, Karen - The Last Victim
Roberts, Nora - Born in Fire
Roberts, Nora - Midnight Bayou
Roberts, Nora - Naked In Death
Roberts, Nora - Born In Death
Roberts, Nora - Key of Light
Roberts, Nora - Key of Knowledge
Roberts, Nora - Key of Valour
Robilant, Andrea di - The Venetian Affair
Robinson, Suzanne - Lady Gallant
Robinson, Suzanne - Lady Defiant
Robinson, Suzanne - Lady Valiant
Robson, Lucia St Clair - Ride The Wind
Rose, Julie K. - Oleanna
Rosenthal, Pam - The Slightest Provocation
Ross, Julia - The Wicked Lover
Rowling, J.K. - Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone
Rowling, J.K. - Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets

Salgari, Emilio - Il Leone de Damasco
Salgari, Emilio - Capitan Tempesta
Sandom, C. J. - Dissolution
Santos, Jose Rodrigues dos - Codex 632
Savery, Jeanne - A Christmas Treasure
Sayers, Dorothy L. - Whose Body?
Schilling, Vivian - Quietus
Schwab, Sandra - The Lily Brand
Scottoline, Lisa - Killer Smile
SeBastian, Margaret - The Honorable Miss Clarendon
Sefton, Maggie - Knit One, Kill Two
Seierstad, Asne - The Bookseller of Kabul
Seton, Anya - Green Darkness
Seton, Anya - My Theodosia
Shaffer, Mary Anne & Annie Barrows - The Guernsey Literary and Potato Piel Society
Shay, Kathryn - Because It's Christmas
Shayne, Maggie - The Gingerbread Man
Shields, Jody - The Crimson Portrait
Shinn, Sharon - Summers At Castle Auburn
Simonson, Sheila - Lady Elizabeth's Comet
Sinclair, Linnea - Games of Command
Smith, Alexandre McCall - The Nº 1 Ladies Detective Agency
Smith, April - Good Morning Killer
Smith, Joan - Imprudent Lady
Snyder, Maria V. - Poison Study
Solomon, Annie - Dead Ringer

Spencer, LaVyrle - Sweet Memories
Spencer , Mary - The Coming Home Place
Stewart, Martha - Handmade Holiday Crafts
Styles, Michelle - The Christmas Wedding Wager
Summerscale, Kate - The Suspicions of Mr Whicher
Sutcliffe, Katherine - Obsession
Sutcliffe, Katherine - Bad Moon Rising

Tannahill, Reay - The Seventh Son
Thomas, Jodi - The Texans Wager
Thomas, Jodi - When a Texan Gambles
Thomas Sherry - Private Arrangements
Thomas, Sherry - Beguiling The Beauty
Thomas, Sherry - Ravishing The Heiress
Thomas, Sherry - Tempting The Bride
Thompson, Flora - Lark Rise to Candleford
Thornton. Rosy - More Than Love Letters
Thornton, Rosy - The Tapestry of Love
Trigiani, Adriana - Queen of The Big Time
Trigiani, Adriana - Lucia, Lucia

Unsworth, Barry - The Stone Virgin

Vaughan, Elizabeth - Warprize
Vaughan, Elizabeth - Warsworn
Vaughan, Elizabeth - Warlord
Veryan, Patricia - Love Alters Not
Viehl, Lynn - Private Demon
Viehl, Lynn - Dark Need
Viehl, Lynn - Night Lost
Viehl, Lynn - Evermore
Vreeland, Susan - The Passion of Artemisia

Walsh, Sheila - Highly Respectable Marriage
Walsh, Sheila - The Arrogant Lord Alistair
Ware, Ciji - Island of The Swans
Ward, JR - Dark Lover
Ward, JR - Lover Eternal
Ward, JR - Lover Awakened
Weir, Alison - The Six Wives of Henry VIII
Weir, Theresa - Cool Shade
Weisberger, Lauren - The Devil Wears Prada
Weldon, Fay - Letters to Alice
Westerson, Jeri - Veil of Lies
Westhaven, Margaret - Four In Hand
White, Judith K. - The Seventh Etching
Wiggs, Susan - The Lily and The Leopard
Wiggs, Susan -  Lord of The Night
Wilkinson, Lisa Marie - Fire at Midnight
Willis, Connie - Miracle and Other Christmas Stories
Wilson, C.L. - Lord of The Fading Lands
Wilson, C.L. - Lady of Light and Shadows
Wilson, C.L. - King of Sword and Sky
Wilson, C. L. - Queen of Song and Souls
Wilson, Gayle & Stuart, Anne - Night and Day
Wind, Ruth - In The Midnight Rain
Winspear, Jacqueline - Maisie Dobbs
Winspear, Jacqueline - Birds of a Feather
Winspear, Jacqueline - Pardonable Lies
Woodward, Rhonda - The Wagered Heart
Wolf, Joan - A Difficult Truce
Wolf, Joan - A Double Deception
Wolf, Joan - A Kind of Honor
Wolf, Joan - A London Season
Wolf, Joan - His Lordship's Mistress
Wolf, Joan - No Dark Place
Wolf, Joan - The Poisoned Serpent
Wolf, Joan - The Arrangement
Wolf, Joan - The Deception
Wolf, Joan - The Guardian
Woolfolk Cross, Donna - Pope Joan
Worth, Sandra - Lady of The Roses
Wylie, Jayel - A Falcon's Heart

Yonge, Charlotte Mary - The Little Duke

Zimler, Richard - Hunting Midnight

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